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At VS Dental Care Centre, we offer dental treatments on the NHS. As the dental treatments offered on the NHS focus on prevention and oral health, cosmetic treatments aren’t available on NHS bandings. We do offer private and cosmetic treatments which can be done in conjunction with NHS treatment.

NHS dental charges

Band 1: £23.80

Covers an examination, diagnosis and advice. If necessary, it also includes X-rays, a scale and polish, and planning for further treatment.

Band 2: £65.20

Covers all treatment included in Band 1, plus additional treatment, such as fillings, root canal treatment and removing teeth (extractions).

Band 3: £282.80

Covers all treatment included in Bands 1 and 2, plus more complex procedures, such as crowns, dentures and bridges.

Exempt from charges

If you are in one of the following categories, you may qualify for full or part exemption from charges:

  • Under 18
  • Aged 18 and in full time education
  • An expecting mother and after the birth for a year
  • A family receiving income support
  • Income based job seekers allowance
  • A valid NHS text credit exemption certificate
  • A valid HC2 certificate
  • Universal Credit

Under NHS regulation, a patient can be asked to pay charges at commencement of treatment. NHS patients pay according to the charge band appropriate to the treatment required. If following a check-up you need further treatment, we will discuss the treatment plan and the costs involved. NHS patients can opt to have part of their treatment done privately.

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The staff are very welcoming and are very kind. The dental facilities are amazing. The dentists are professionals and the nurses are well trained. Patient - 2018
I have been with VS Dental Care Centre for over 9 years - from making an appointment to the end of the treatment they have been fantastic. Patient - 2018
Very patient and gentle, it makes scardy cats like me more likely to go to the dentist. Never had issues getting through on the phone. Patient - 2018
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