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Visits to a hygienist, on top of having regular dental examinations, are the very best approach to preventing gum disease. Hygienists are trained dental clinicians who are skilled at removing plaque and tartar build-ups from the surfaces of your teeth as well as the routine treatment and maintenance of on-going gum disease – essentially, they provide a very thorough clean.

Preventing gum disease will help you maintain your natural teeth for much longer. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the UK as, when left untreated, gum disease causes the gum tissue to recede and the jaw bone to degrade. Keeping on top of any signs of gum disease will help us to maintain your oral health.

What does a hygiene appointment involve?

Usually, hygiene appointments take around 30 minutes. First, we’ll want to get to know your mouth better. We carry out an assessment that tracks any signs of gum disease so we know which areas need the most attention.

We carry out a ‘scale & polish’, using specially designed implements to remove tartar from the tooth surface and underneath the gum line. When all the surfaces are clean, we polish teeth with a gritty paste, leaving them feeling smooth and silky.

We’ll also offer helpful hygiene advice and demonstrate how to keep your teeth plaque-free with toothbrushes, interdental brushes and floss. In addition, we provide dietary and smoking cessation advice.

Can a hygienist remove stains?

A hygienist does not provide full stain removal. However, here at VS Dental Care, the dentist can provide a specialist prophy clean where we use a powered jet of water, air and calcium carbonate to clean away surface plaque and also loosen stubborn plaque as part of the ‘scale and polish’. Not only does this strip away plaque and so removing bacteria, it also removes most of the surface stains on the enamel. Drinks such as coffee and red wine can leave stains, which can be lifted through this cleaning system.

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