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Do you have any annoying white spots on your teeth?

Traditionally, these could be corrected with invasive treatment which involve drilling the lesion out and filling with a tooth coloured filling material.

However, at VS Dental Care Centre, we provide a scientifically revolutionary, non-invasive treatment solution. This can be carried out in a single visit with immediately noticeable results. This means that after you have your treatment done, you can leave with a beautiful, healthy smile which you are confident in.

The process is really simple. First, your Dentist will carry out a thorough assessment and take clinical photographs of your teeth to document your journey and establish what your concerns are and to see whether you are suitable for this non-invasive white spot removal treatment.

Treatment begins by applying the Icon-Etch gel to the teeth for two minutes. After this, the Etch gel is rinsed off and Icon-Dry is used to help dry the area and prepare the tooth for Icon-Infiltrant. The Infiltrant is the material that will repair your tooth and create a consistent tooth surface both in function and look.

Once the Infiltrant is cured using a dental curing light and your teeth are polished, the process is complete. It takes only 15 minutes per tooth, and the results are immediately noticeable.

If white spots have been affected your confidence in your smile, then book in for a consultation with one of our dentists at VS Dental Care Centre and start your ICON – white spot removal journey today!

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The staff are very welcoming and are very kind. The dental facilities are amazing. The dentists are professionals and the nurses are well trained. Patient - 2018
I have been with VS Dental Care Centre for over 9 years - from making an appointment to the end of the treatment they have been fantastic. Patient - 2018
Very patient and gentle, it makes scardy cats like me more likely to go to the dentist. Never had issues getting through on the phone. Patient - 2018
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